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Our goal is to alleviate some of the wedding  and event planning stress by having the basics at the Barn for you to use.  Look through our décor and choose what you'd like to use! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


60" Round Tables

Quantity Available: 15

Description: Our round tables need to have 120" round table cloths on them. You can use our linens or rent a different linen.  These tables can seat 8 to 10 people, depending on the tableware.


Farmhouse Tables

Quantity Available: 22

Description: 8' x 39" farm tables. You can seat 8 to 10 people per table at these beautiful, handmade wooden tables. 

Antique drop leaf table

Antique Dropleaf Table

Quantity Available: 1

Description: With leaves up: 4.5' x 44". Great for the sweetheart table or for the cake table, with the leaves up or down!

Farmhouse sweetheart table

Farmhouse Sweetheart Table

Quantity Available: 1

Description: 48" x 42" beautiful table for the new couple. Or use it for your dessert table, gift table, or other decor!


Cocktail Tables

Quantity Available: 3

Description: 42" square tall top tables, great for cocktails and mingling. White, gold or black linens available.

Small slab table

Small Slab Table

Quantity Available: 1

Description: 4.5' x 20", on one or two barrels. The wood slab came from trees on the property!  Great for drinks, charcuterie, appetizers or other displays.


Large Slab Table

Quantity Available: 1

Description: 11.5' x 20" slab of oak (from a tree on the property) on 2 wooden barrels. Great for cupcakes, buffet, a huge charcuterie or other display. 

Screenshot 2023-02-24 135138.png

48" Round Tables

Quantity Available: 2

Description: Small round table is perfect for your sweetheart table or desserts. These tables will need a linen.

Screenshot 2023-02-24 135138.png

Serving Tables

Quantity Available: 

Description: Serving tables can be used for your buffet or adding to the bar, if needed. We have black linens for these.

Screenshot 2023-02-24 135138.png

Square Table

Quantity Available: 1

Description: Our vintage square card table can be used for cake or dessert display or other special display.  A linen is needed for this table.


White Chairs_edited.jpg

White Chairs

Quantity Available: 180

Description: Padded white resin folding chairs for inside or outside. Our white padded chairs look beautiful set outside for the ceremony, or inside at your beautifully decorated tables!


Dark Wood Chairs

Quantity Available: 180

Description: Padded folding dark mahogany chairs for inside use only.  They pair very nicely with the farm tables and with the round tables and linens!


Quantity Available: 7

Description: Various couches and chairs for special seating during events or lounging i the groom's room or bride's room. The gold couch is especially beautiful for bridal photos.  We also have a beautiful red velvet settee. 


Quantity Available: 8

Description: Various benches for extra seating outside or in. 3 benches with backs, 5 benches without backs.  The white bench is great to use at the sweetheart table.


Antique Sideboard

Quantity Available: 1

Description: 24" x 4.5'. Use this antique for the guest book, memory table or card box!


Wine Barrels

Quantity Available: 7

Description: We have 7 wine barrels. 2 are needed for each slab table, but the others can be used for flowers or signs outside or as rustic cocktail tables.


Rolling Bar

Quantity Available: 1

Description: Our handmade rolling bar is 6' long and can be placed anywhere we have concrete! The backside has a convenient set up for your bartender, with spaces for coolers underneath. 

Drink ladder

Drink Ladder

Quantity Available: 1

Description: The ladder setup can be used for a self serve drink station, cupcake display, or pictures.  It has so many uses!


Bifold Door Backdrop

Quantity Available: 1

Description: Our white bifold louvered doors can be used with sheers or without sheers as a backdrop for pictures, an outside seating area, behind the sweetheart table or for an inside ceremony.  We also have a twinkle light curtain that looks beautiful strung between the doors and behind the sheers!

Mobile Arch

Mobile Arbor

Quantity Available: 1

Description: Our mobile wooden arch can be used inside or outside, as a picture backdrop, a ceremony arbor, or simply to highlight an area.  Decorate it with greenery, fabric and twinkle lights!

Tabletop Decor:

Faux willow garland

Faux Willow Garland

Quantity Available: 40 Vines

Description: 5' Real Touch Willow Green Leaves Artificial Garland Vines. Beautiful, airy faux greenery, great for draping on tables, on the arbor, or anywhere!


Faux Eucalyptus & Rose Garland

Quantity Available: 14

Description: 6' garlands. Beautiful draped over a sweetheart table or on the arbor!

Floating Candles

Floating Candle Vases

Quantity Available: 64

Description: Just buy 3inch floating candles for a beautiful centerpiece! 

6"      - 6 available

7.5"   - 28 available

9"      - 16 available

10.5" - 13 available

Glass hurricane globes

Hurricane Globes

Quantity Available: 34

Description: These look beautiful with a pillar candle!


14"    - 4 available

11.5" - 30 available 


Cracked Glass Vases

Quantity Available: 31

Description: These have removable tea light holders that go inside of them. Use them with or without tealight candles.  Group different sizes together or use them separately for a soft, elegant look.


12"  - 9 available

16"  - 10 available 

20" - 12 available

Mercury glass votive candle holders

Silver Mercury Glass Tealight Votives

Quantity Available: 76

Description: We have 70 of the 2" tea light votive holders. We also have 3 - 3" votives and 3 - 4' votives. Use with tea lights (encased in plastic or other material) or our battery operated tea lights.


Gold Tealight Votives

Quantity Available: 29

Description: Use with real tea lights (encased in plastic or other material) or with our battery operated tea lights.

Mercury - 12 available

Sparkly - 17 available


Picture Frames

Quantity Available: 12

Description: We have 12 - 5"x7" black picture frames. Great to use for table numbers!


Black Lanterns

Quantity Available: 45 (different sizes)

Description: We have a variety of black lanterns that can be used on tables, down the aisle or at the arbor! Use with real candles, with battery operated candles or with fairy lights!

20" Lantern - 2 available

14" Lantern - 8 different styles available

16" Lantern - 20 available

4" Lantern - 15 available

Table numbers

Wooden Table Numbers

Quantity Available: 12

Description: Wood signs for tables "One" through "Ten" and 2 that say 'Reserved'


Acrylic Table Numbers

Quantity Available: 21

Description: "1" through "20" and one that says "Head Table"


Brass Candlesticks

Quantity Available: 27

Description: Various sizes of brass candlesticks. Perfect to use with our hurricane globes or alone with our battery operated taper candles!


Cracked Glass Tealight Votives

Quantity Available: 6

Description: We have 6 cracked glass tealight holders.


Wood Rounds

Quantity Available: 6

Description: Wood rounds add a nice rustic look to your table decor. They look nice under pillar candles, paired with the hurricane globes or to elevate table numbers!

Large Rounds - 15

Small Rounds - 19


Glass Taper Holder

Quantity Available: 30

Description: Glass candlestick holders look great with battery operated taper candles or use a real flame and pair it with our hurricane globes!


Battery Operated Candles

Quantity Available: 116


Various sizes of pillar candles - 50 available

9" tall taper candles - 40 available

Tealight candles - 44 available


Flower Vases

Quantity Available: 38


Amber flower vases 

            6.6"x3" - 6 available

            6.5"x2" - 6 available

            5"x2.5" - 6 available

Misc. flower vases - 20 available


Taper Candle Chimney

Quantity Available: 8



Green Tealight Votive

Quantity Available: 5

Description: We have 5 green votives, use with our battery operated tealight candles or use real tealights.


Screenshot 2023-02-24 135138.png

Ivory Cheescloth Runner

Quantity Available: 17

Description: 12' or 10' runners. Drapes across the dark wood farm tables, skimming the floor! Use them alone, with other color runners, with candles, greenery and so much more!

Screenshot 2023-02-24 135138.png

White Gauze Runner

Quantity Available: 23

Description: 10' White runners. Beautiful draped across the wood farm tables with candles, wood rounds, Flowers and greenery!

Screenshot 2023-02-24 135138.png

Beige Runner

Quantity Available: 28

Description: 10' Beige runners. Beautiful draped across the wood farm tables with candles, wood rounds, Flowers and greenery!


Beige w/ Pink Runner

Quantity Available: 15

Description: 10' Beige with pink runners. Beautiful draped across the wood farm tables with candles, wood rounds, Flowers and greenery!


Crinkle Blue Runner

Quantity Available: 9

Description: 10' Dusty blue runners. Beautiful draped across the wood farm tables with candles, wood rounds, Flowers and greenery!


Soft Blue Runner

Quantity Available: 19

Description: Beautiful draped across the wood farm tables!

10' - 7 available

14' - 10 available

18' - 2 available (Perfect to add color on the arbor!)

120_ round crinkle taffeta linen- ivory

Ivory Crinkle Taffeta Linen

Quantity Available: **

Description: 120" round crinkle taffeta in ivory. Great to dress up your guest tables, cake table or sweetheart table!

Table linen

Champagne Crinkle Taffeta Linen

Quantity Available: **

Description: 120" round crinkle taffeta in a beautiful champagne color. Great to dress up your guest tables, cake table or sweetheart table!

IMG_9104 (1).HEIC

White Crinkle Taffeta Linen

Quantity Available: **

Description: 120" round crinkle taffeta in white. Great to dress up your guest table, cake table or sweetheart table!

Table linen

Gold Satin Linen

Quantity Available: 3

Description: 135" Round gold satin table cloths. Great for the cocktail tables! Cuff them or let them puddle.


White Satin Linen

Quantity Available: 3

Description: 135" Round; White Satin; great for the tall cocktail tables!

Screenshot 2023-02-24 135138.png

Black Linens

Quantity Available: **

Description: 135" Round; black polyester; great for the tall cocktail tables!


Clear glass dinner plates

Clear Glass Dinner Plates

Quantity Available: 200

Description: 10.5" plates. Perfect paired with one of our plate chargers!


Mixed Pattern China Plates

Quantity Available: 200+

Description: Mixed china plates


Vintage Ivory Charger

Quantity Available: 200+

Description: Beautiful ivory chargers with a leaf Embossed Antique Gold Rim

Silver Charger

Quantity Available: 188

Description: We have 2 different types of silver chargers

Rope edge - 128 available

Swirl edge - 60 available


Gold Charger

Quantity Available: 192

Description: We have 2 different types of gold chargers

Matte gold - 98 available

Shiny gold - 94 available

IMG_9191 (1).HEIC

Woven Charger

Quantity Available: 180

Description: Woven nest charger. Great for parties!


Clear Charger

Quantity Available: 125

Description: Our clear chargers look great with china or clear plates!


Blue Charger

Quantity Available: 168

Description: Our blue chargers have beautiful gold accents around the edges.


Champagne Charger

Quantity Available: 50

Description: Flower shaped charger in a pretty champagne color, perfect for a party or micro-wedding!


Glass Charger w/ Gold Rim

Quantity Available: 4

Description: These look beautiful on your sweetheart table.


Ivory Napkin

Quantity Available: 200+


19"x19" Ivory napkin with surged edge - 104

16"x16" Ivory napkin with hemmed edge - 94


Gold Napkin

Quantity Available: 198

Description: 20"x20" Gold satin napkins


White Napkin

Quantity Available: 200+


17"x17" White napkin with surged edge - 127

20"x20" White napkin with hemmed edge - 92


Sage Napkin

Quantity Available: 137

Description: 16"x16" Sage napkins


Champagne Napkin

Quantity Available: 216

Description: 20"x20" Pintuck napkin in champagne


Burnt Orange Napkin

Quantity Available: 179

Description: 16"x16" Burnt orange napkins

IMG_8990 (1).HEIC

Silver Napkin

Quantity Available: 193

Description: 20"x20" Crinkle taffeta napkin in silver


Plum Napkin

Quantity Available: 145

Description: 17"x17" Plum napkins


Emerald Green Napkin

Quantity Available: 130

Description: 17"x17" Emerald green napkins


Pink Napkin

Quantity Available: 67

Description: 17"x17" Pink napkins

IMG_9104 (1).HEIC

Clear Water Goblets

Quantity Available: 200

Description: We have 200+ clear glass goblets.

Mixed Colored Goblets

Quantity Available: 200+


Clear goblets - 98

Blush goblets - 17

Green goblets - 59

Orange goblets - 35

Blue goblets - 40



Quantity Available: 200 sets

Description: We have 200 sets of mixed pattern silver flatware. Forks, spoons and knives.

Catering Items:


Silver Buckets

Quantity Available: 2

Description: Perfect to ice down drinks!

Brass bucket

Brass Bucket

Quantity Available: 1

Description: Weathered brass bucket, great for iced drinks or decor.

Dessert Displays

Quantity Available: 8


Cake stand - 18"x18"

Gold tray - 12"x8" (2 available)

Gold tower is 18" tall, bottom level is 12", middle is 10", top is 7"

Gold stands - 

Galvanized tower - 


Drink Dispenser

Quantity Available: 3

Description: We have 3 - 2 gallon dispensers. Perfect for water, tea and lemonade.



Quantity Available: 8

Description: We have several baskets that can be used.


IMG_9499 (1).HEIC


Quantity Available: 1

Description: Our permanent arbor is 12' tall and 14' wide. Absolutely beautiful with flowers and sheers!

IMG_9498 (1).HEIC


Quantity Available: 1

Description: Our firepit has beautiful market lights and is perfect for a s'mores bar!

Boho macrame hanging

Boho Macrame Hanging

Quantity Available: 1

Description: Approximately 4' wide macrame hanging. Perfect as a backdrop on the arbor, behind your cake table, or your sweetheart table.



Quantity Available: 6

Description: Various sizes, shapes and colors. They can be used inside or outside!

Mobile Arch

Sheers for Backdrop

Quantity Available: 3

Description: 12' long panels of sheer curtains, shown on metal rod.

Screenshot 2023-02-24 135138.png

Yard Games

Quantity Available: 1

Description: We have 2 sets of cornhole boards, giant jenga, giant connect4, giant checkers and a ping pong table. Keeps your guest busy during cocktail hour!

IMG_9219 (1).HEIC

Parking Signs

Quantity Available: 3



Rolling Coolers

Quantity Available: 2

Description: Perfect to ice down drinks!

Glass carafe

Clear Glass Carafes

Quantity Available: 15

Description: Perfect for water or tea on your tables!


Outdoor Heaters

Quantity Available: 2

Description: We have 2 propane heaters for our covered patio.

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